Chinese Night Market in Jiaxing

In the United States things get pretty quiet in the city after rush hour and dinner, even on weekends in the city. In China however, evenings are very lively every night of the week. Many streets turn into markets with vendors hawking things like perfume, underwear, and radios.

In this video not only do we take a look at these products and learn a simple and effective way to practice Mandarin.

Useful Mandarin:
Some of the following phrases can be heard in the video (subtitles included). All of these words and phrases are commonly used in a market.

  1. 市场 (shì cháng) market
  2.  香水 (xiāng shǔi) perfume
  3. 内裤 (nèi kù) underwear
  4. 收音机 (shōu yīn jī) radio
  5. 看一看 (kàn yī kàn) just looking
  6. 块 (kuài) bucks
  7. 我要这个. (wǒ yào zhè gè) I want this one.
  8. 不要,谢谢. (bú yào xiè xiè) No thanks.
  9.  多少钱? (dūo shǎo qián) How much does it cost?
  10. 一般般 (yì bān bān) so-so, average
  11. 普通话讲得很好. (pǔ tōng hùa jiǎng de hěn hǎo) Your Mandarin is good.
  12. 你哪里的? (nǐ nǎ lǐ de) Where are you from?
  13.  你结婚了吗? (nǐ jié hūn le ma) Are you married?
  14. 你在中国几年? (nǐ zài zhōng gúo jǐ nián) How long have you been in China?
  15. 太贵了. (tài gùi le) It’s too expensive.


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