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你好! (nǐ hǎo) Hello! I’m Nick Lenczewski (Len-chess-key) and I show people how to travel, teach English, learn Chinese, and find work in China. I spent 6 years living and working in China, first as an English teacher and then as a Chinese translator, interpreter, and cultural guide for a company. I now work in the US as a Chinese translator and interpreter for businesses, schools, and healthcare providers.

Before moving to China I didn’t know any Mandarin, knew nothing about teaching, and very little about China. After arriving in China though, a lot of changes started taking place. Early on during my time in China my friends taught me how to say the name of the school I worked at: Zhōngshān xúeyuàn (Zhongshan college) so that if I ever got lost I could tell the taxi driver this and be able to get back home.

Later on I learned a few simple words and phrases like wǒ yào píjiǔ (I want beer) and wǒde péngyǒu (my friend). One day I was at a foot massage place with my friends getting a foot massage. The masseuses were speaking in Mandarin and we could only pick out small bits and pieces. They started making comments about my friend. I thought about what I could say to them about my friend that would be funny. My friend liked drinking beer. I tried making fun of him: wǒde péngyǒu zhǐ hùi shūo “wǒ yào píjiǔ” (The only thing my friend can say is, “I want beer”). The masseuses burst out laughing and so did my friends and I. It feel amazing to be able to speak with people in another language and be understood. I decided I wanted to keep learning Mandarin.

After 4 years of teaching English, traveling, and studying Mandarin, I decided to get a job with a US company using my language and cultural understanding of China. My goal was to find a job and be sent back to China to work but on a US salary. And that’s exactly what happened! I spent the next 2 years working at an international manufacturer of interactive displays and observed many of the problems businesses in China face when dealing with two sets of cultures, languages, and ways of doing things.

I wrote Ultimate China Guide in order to help people understand the benefits modern day China can bring to a person, whether that be teaching English 10-20 hours a week 8 months a year with 4 months paid vacation, traveling all over China and Asia, learning Mandarin, writing a book, starting a business, finding a non-teaching job, or all of the above.

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